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Software simulator for microcontrollers

µCsim can be used to simulate microcontrollers. It supports MCS51 family, AVR core, Z80, HC08, ST7, STM8, TLCS90, XA51 and Padauk. It can run on Linux, Windows, OSX, BSD, and other systems.

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There are two places where you can download μCsim from:

  1. SDCC homepage. µCsim is part of the SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) project. You can download source of SDCC and precompiled binaries from http://sdcc.sf.net.
  2. µCsim site. Standalone source package is available on the µCsim web site:

How to install

UNIX version is distributed in source.

  1. Get archive file, uncompress and untar it. These steps will produce a directory ucsim-X.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is the version number.
  2. Make sure, that following packages are installed on your system: make, bison (or yacc), flex (or lex), libncurses-dev. You will need a C and a C++ compiler as well.
  3. Go to the directory and configure the package. Issue configure command. It will determine your system and produce Makefile. Installation directory can be specified with --prefix=dir option to the configure. Default directory is /usr/local. Executable file will be placed in bin subdirectory.
  4. Compile the package with make command.
  5. Install executables ucsim_51, ucsim_avr, ucsim_hc08, ucsim_xa, ucsim_z80, etc. to any directory you want. It can be done with make install command which will place files in installation directory specified with --prefix=dir option of configure. Note that you may have to have special privilege to do this if installation directory is not writable by you.

How to use

Features of the simulator

Microcontroller specific features


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