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Software simulator for microcontrollers

µCsim can be used to simulate microcontrollers. It supports MCS51 family. AVR core, Z80, HC08 and XA are supported by UNIX version only.


Simulator is available for two platforms: DOS (MCS51 only) and UNIX but DOS version is not supported any more. DOS version is not finished so I call it demo version and it is available in binary only. Limitations of DOS version are: I used this simulator to verify my applications and I never used missing feautres mentioned above, so I think that this "demo" version can be usefull anyway.

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How to install

DOS version

Get the ZIP file and unzip it. ZIP file contains three files: s51.exe the executable itself, dpmi16bi.ovl and rtm.exe. Last two files are required because s51.exe is a DOS protected mode program. Put these files in a directory which is in the PATH or keep them together with the s51.exe.

UNIX version

UNIX version is distributed in source.

  1. Get archive file, uncompress and untar it. These steps will produce a directory ucsim-X.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is the version number.
  2. Go to the directory and configure the package. Issue configure command. It will determine your system and make Makefile. Installation directory can be specified with --prefix=dir option to the configure. Default directory is /usr/local. Executable file will be placed in bin subdirectory.
  3. Compile the package with make command.
  4. Install executables s51, savr, shc08, sxa, sz80 to any directory you want. It can be done with make install command which will place files in installation directory specified with --prefix=dir option of configure. Note that you may have to have special privilege to do this if installation directory is not writable by you.

How to use

DOS version

S51 for DOS has been written in Borland Pascal using Turbo Vision to produce menu driven, multiwindow user interface which is very easy to use. The program can be started using following command:

C:\> s51 [input file]

Parameter is optional. If it specified it must be the name of an Intel hex file. Some screenshots of the program and short descriptions of them:

UNIX version

Starting the simulator program.

Features of the simulator

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