Set commands

Set commands can be used to set value of memory cells, bits, or port pins. Those commands that set value of memory interpret their command lines a litle bit different than other commands. First parameter is always the start address of the memory area which is being set. This parameter is followed by a list of data parameters. Data can be specified by a number. Numbers must begin with a digit. Each number specifies one byte of data. If the parameter begins with a non-digit character, it is interpreted as string of characters and this kind of parameter specifies as many bytes as many characters the string has. Strings can contain escape sequencies (see description of wi command where escape sequencies are discussed) but they can not contain spaces because space characters (space, tabulator and vertical tabulator) separates parameters. Spaces can be specified as escape sequences or separated number parameters if needed. Only space characters separate data parameters while normaly comma (,) and semicolon (;) are interpreted as separator characters too.