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Serfőző, Péter; Dr. Vásárhelyi, József:
Application of Mojette Transform in Internet Distributed Databases Intelligent Engineering Systems
2007 (proceedings of confrence/workshop)

Serfőző, Péter; Dr. Vásárhelyi, József:
Development Work of a Mojette Transform Based Hardware Codec for Distributed Database Systems
2007 (proceedings of confrence/workshop)
Edited by: Igor Podlubny, Karol Kostur
Publisher: TU Kosice, Berg Faculty
Proceedings of: International Carpathian Control Conferece ICCC 2007
ISBN: 978-80-8073-805-1
Place: High Tatras, Slovak Republic
Page: 631-634

Serfőző, Péter; Dr. Vásárhelyi, József; Dr. Varga, Attila Károly:
Analysis of Hardware Resources of Mojette Transform Implementation
2006 (proceedings of confrence/workshop)
Edited by: R. Farana, L Smutny, M. Babiuch
Publisher: VSB-Technical Uniersity of Ostrava
Proceedings of: 7th International Carpathian Control Conference ICCC 2006
ISBN: 80-248-1066-2
Page: 505-508
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Serfőző, Péter; Dr. Vásárhelyi, József; Prof. Turán, Ján:
Analysis of Mojette Transform Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Array
2006 (proceedings of confrence/workshop)
Proceedings of: 7th International Symposium of Hungarian Reaserchers on Computational Inteligence
ISBN: 963-7154-54-X
Place: Budapest
Page: 255-266
Themes: Embedded systems

Dr. Vásárhelyi, József; Serfőző, Péter:
Mojette Transform Implementation on Reconfigurable Hardware
2006 (electronic publication)
Publisher: International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science Schloss Dagstuhl
Proceedings of: Seminar No 06141 on on Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures, 2-7 April, 2006
Place: Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany

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