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Dr. Bouzid, Ahmed:
An Automated Tool for Generating Deep Neural Network IPs for Hardware Accelerators.
(diploma work)
Note: Custom IP (Intellectual Property) generation is a tricky step but crucial for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) implementations. An automatic IP (Intellectual Property) generator based on XSG (Xilinx System Generator) has to be created, which can also be used for deep neural network implementations on FPGA as hardware accelerators. The tool should be user friendly and optimized so that the IPs can fit on low-end FPGAs.

Dr. Bouzid, Ahmed:
Hardware Implementation of an Embedded System for Gesture Recognition based on an Artificial Neural Network and IMU
(diploma work)

Dr. Bouzid, Ahmed:
Ground Speed Sensor Implemented on Analog and Digital Reconfigurable Technologies
(diploma work)
Note: The project consists of creating a ground speed sensor implemented using hybrid reconfigurable design and ultrasonic transducers. The use of the Doppler effect could be the key to compute the velocity of a vehicle, but the real-time processing of the instantaneous frequency is considered. It has been proved that the Hilbert transform could be used to process the instantaneous frequency, hence the challenge is to implement this DSP tool on FPGA to maximize the performances. An experimentation phase with US transducers is essential to get familiar with electroacoustic instrumentation and to characterize the sensors. A modeling and simulation phase of the solution on MATLAB is also necessary to validate the algorithm. Possibly the use of a tool other than Hilbert transform for IFe should be considered. Outcomes of the project: the student will acquire knowledge on how to drive a scientific/engineering project, how to create a high-performance reconfigurable embedded system dedicated for signal processing applications considering rapid prototyping. Get familiar with sensors, actuators and mixed signal processing. The project may result in scientific publications

Dr. Bouzid, Ahmed:
New Methods for Pose Determination. Contribution to Positioning, Velocimetry and Jerkmetry
2020 (PhD thesis)

Dr. Bouzid, Ahmed:
2018 (book)
Themes: Microprocessor, controller, DSP, FPGA, Embedded systems, Digital Systems

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